UPDATE: Cast your Ballot — Your Nominees

elections-536656_1280Sisters and Brothers,

As we’ve mentioned in an earlier post, CUPE 932 needs to elect new members for two committees in the local — Negotiations and Job Evaluation.

Negotiating Committee

We need to vote for 3 members for the Negotiating Committee to complete the group.  The President, Chief Steward and Vice President for Part Time automatically become a member of the committee and 3 members at large are elected to complete the group.

Our current contract expires at the end of the 2016 and negotiations will be happening in 2017. Identifying the committee members early will give us time to prepare for the next round of contract bargaining.


  • Tanja Almon – CE
  • Sarah Gauthier – SA/ST
  • Mandy Grieve-Bullard – CN
  • Bridie Howell – CE
  • Dale Kent – BA
  • Paul Martin – CE

Job Evaluation (JE) Committee

The Job Evaluation Committee is a joint committee with the employer. The members of the committee evaluates all jobs within the local bargaining based on the skill, responsibility, effort and working conditions of the job. This ensures that jobs that are substantially equal will be paid under the same salary range and ensures that jobs are fairly paid, one compared to the other.

We need to vote for 1 person to be in the committee as an alternate. This replacement is due to a retirement.


  • Tanja Almon – CE
  • Sarah Gauthier – SA/ST
  • Mandy Grieve-Bullard – CN
  • Jennie Hamilton – CE
  • Erin Olmstead – TE

Voting is on November 30. There will be 3 locations where you could cast your vote.

  • Central Library – 10am to 2pm
  • Red Hill Branch – 10am to 2pm*
  • Turner Park Branch – 3pm to 7pm

*It’s a closed day for RH but there will be staff working in the branch. Go to the front door so they could let you into the branch.

And in case you won’t be able to make it to any of those locations on November 30, you will be able to cast your ballot early on November 27 during the holiday party at Acclamation.

Now you know who the nominees are. Support your local. Cast your ballot.