Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee shall prepare a report on the status of all grievances to be submitted to the Executive Committee, the CUPE representative and to the membership meeting.

  • Erin Willson
  • Kari Gruneberg

Health & Safety Committee

The members of the Health and Safety Committee deal with issues related to the health and safety of the membership.

  • Mandy Bullard
  • Kari Gruneberg
  • Sue Leger
  • Andrew Pretty

Job Evaluation Committee

The Job Evaluation Committee is one of the joint Labour/Management Committees. The members of this committee are tasked to evaluate and rate jobs in the system, ensuring that the job descriptions are accurate and that members are compensated accordingly.

  • Bridie Howell
  • Erin Olmsted
  • Jenny McFadden (alternate)
  • Naso Sipsis (alternate)

Negotiating Committee

The committee is the local’s representative on the bargaining table when it is time to negotiate a new contract for the membership. The committee is comprised of seven (7) members: the President, the Chief Steward, the Vice President (part-time); three (3) other members who shall be elected from the membership and a CUPE representative.

  • Mandy Grieve-Bullard
  • Jennie Hamilton
  • Bridie Howell
  • Erin Olmsted
  • Marg Mandula


By-Law Committee

The By-law Committee shall review the Local’s By-laws at least once during a three-year period. The Local Executive Committee shall review amendments proposed by the Local By-Laws Committee before submitting them to the membership for approval.

  • Alex Miller
  • Paul Davis
  • Diane Haefele


The Trustees act as an Auditing Committee on behalf of the members and audit the books and accounts of the Secretary-Treasurer, the Recording Secretary and the Standing Committees at least once every calendar year.

  • Sue Leger
  • Paul Martin