May 19, 2020 – Vice President By-Election

On Tuesday, May 19, we are finally going to hold the Vice President by-election to fill the vacant Vice President positions in our Executive Committee.

The Vice President by-election was triggered by Iggy’s acceptance of a position with Hamilton Police Services in late 2019.┬áThere was only one vacancy initially. However, Laura’s retirement announcement prompted the Union to open the nominations to open for the Recording Secretary position. Jennie Hamilton has been acclaimed as the Recording Secretary in the April 2020 membership meeting, which means her previous Vice President position is vacant as well.

We have 4 nominees vying for the 2 vacant Vice President positions. They are, in alphabetical order:

  • Tanja Almon
  • Melanie Cummings
  • Sarah Gauthier
  • Frank Tinebra

We have asked the nominees to forward information about themselves and we will be posting that information soon.

Due to COVID 19, voting will be done completely online. Ballots will be open for 24 hours on Tuesday, May 19 and the link will be sent via email. So if you are not part of the Union’s mailing list, please email to be added. Please send us a non-work email address.