Letters to the Board and to the City

We mentioned during the Membership Meeting last Thursday, April 22, 2021, that in an effort to safeguard the safety of the members of CUPE Local 932, we have sent out letters to the Hamilton Public Library Board and to the City of Hamilton.

The letter to the Board was a request to consider reverting to a take out model for all HPL branches. We all know that the Board has decided to still continue granting computer access to library members, lowering it from an hour down to 30 minutes. The Board has advised that they will be monitoring the cases in the city and will adjust accordingly.

Upon learning that the Board has decided to keep the current operations model for HPL branches, the Union decided to send an email to the City to request them to include Library Workers to be part of the Vaccine Priority list.

Below are links to the copies of these letters

CUPE 932 Letter to HPL Board – April 21, 2021

CUPE 932 Letter to the City of Hamilton – April 22, 2021