Happy Summer, Members

Happy Summer, Everyone.

The Executive Committee of your union, CUPE Local 932, would like to thank all of the members who came by to see us during the Staff Day poster sessions. Thank you for verifying and updating your contact information. It is important that your union keep accurate contacts so that we can always reach out and keep members informed on labour changes and policies. It was great being able to reconnect with friends and meet new members who have not had the chance to make it to a meeting yet.

Another way of keeping our members informed of your union’s activities is through social media. CUPE 932 has Facebook and Twitter accounts – CUPE Local 932 & @cupe932. If you haven’t done it yet, like and follow both accounts.

Aside from posting updates about our local, CUPE, labour actions and public libraries, we’ve also been posting news and articles about Hamilton. We’ve recently posted an article about the challenge that food banks face during the summer. It is during this season that donations go down for them but the need increases because the kids are home.

Your Executive has decided to make a donation of $200 to Neighbour to Neighbourhood banks on behalf of CUPE Local 932. We are also encouraging a food drive at your location. Members of the Executive will come around and pick up any donations of non-perishables or gift cards and deliver it to our Barton Branch for their Little Free Pantry.

Thank you in advance for what is sure to be a successful campaign!

In Solidarity,

Mandy Bullard

Marg Mandula

Jennie Hamilton

Erin Olmsted

Iggy Filice

Bridie Howell

Laura Lamb