Please be advised that the ratification meeting will now be at the Turner Park Branch.

Meeting will still be on Friday, February 10 at 6:00pm. Presentation will begin at 6:30pm.

The venue change is due to a sold out event at FirstOntario Centre on the same night. This sold out event will make parking difficult and, if you do locate one, it will be expensive. We apologize for this inconvenience and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Turner Park.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jennie Hamilton jehamilt932@gmail.com

In solidarity,

Negotiations Committee



A deal has been reached.

The Negotiating Committee would like to present the deal to the membership and afterwards, a ratification vote will be held.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Hamilton Room, Central Library


The presentation will begin promptly at 6:30pm

Central Library will be closed to the public at that time and members are asked to enter via the York Street doors. 

Please enter through the shipping doors.

Refreshments will be provided.

For more information please contact Jennie Hamilton (VP) via jehamilt932@gmail.com


CUPE 932 Statement on HPL’s Rural Service Model Proposal

In the October Labour Management meeting of CUPE 932 with its employer, HPL Chief Librarian Paul Takala presented the Rural Service Model proposal that he will be presenting to the Board.

The gist of the proposal is to extend the open hours of rural branches without any staff present at the location. The employer advised in the proposal that there will still be some way for customers to contact staff virtually via intercom, facetime or some similar technology.

Below is CUPE 932’s statement regarding this proposal. This statement was read during the November Labour Management meeting and forwarded to the employer for inclusion in the minutes for that meeting. The statement was already read during the November General Membership Meeting.

To HPL Board Members and Management:


Please do not take our silence as a sign of agreement regarding your plans for the Rural Branch Model.  We were so shocked by the presentation at the last Labour Management meeting, that we had to step away and digest all that you proposed.

Our concerns are many and warranted.  Your staff see the erosion of their livelihoods in the decimation of full-time jobs. They have lost hope that they’ll ever be able to support their families and communities on the reduced income and stability that result from part-time positions. It does not go unnoticed that there have been zero reductions for management staff.  Now they look to the future and see you’re proposing they can be replaced by EMPTY SPACE – branches with no staffing, limited community engagement, and unsafe work environments.

Rural branches should be open for more hours; on this we agree.  But the strength of good library service relies on good customer service, as well as access to materials.  If the rural branches are to be opened additional hours, they should be staffed for those hours, so that the library remains the hub of the community, the go-to place for face-to-face interaction with knowledgeable, dedicated staff.

What message are you sending to your staff and the community when you decide it’s more cost effective to allow theft, than to have dedicated staff working in the branch?  Do not think for a minute that when word gets out there are unmanned branches, people will not come from miles around for the free goods they can load up into their cars.

Perhaps the goal should be to open rural branches longer when the capital is there to staff them and provide the stellar customer service that HPL is known for. Why should rural customers settle for less than urban customers?



It’s almost the Holidays….CUPE 2794 is still on strike

Sisters and Brothers,
It looks like the CUPE 2794’s strike is not going to end anytime soon. In the last membership meeting, it was decided that we will send a financial donation to our sisters and brothers in Essex County Public Library.
We were wondering if there are people who are interested in sending non-monetary donations to them. It could get cold while they are at the picket lines, so maybe scarves and gloves. We’ll take anything that could help them out there.
Please message us on our Facebook page or e-mail Jennie (jehamilt932@gmail.com) and we’ll take care of gathering all of them and making sure that it gets to Library Warriors of CUPE 2794.
Thank you for your generosity.

September – CUPE Updates

Highlights of the September 2016 National Executive Board meeting

Distribute the information throughout your local to keep your members up-to-date on what’s happening within the union.

National President’s Report and National Secretary-Treasurer’s Report to the September 2016 National Executive Board meeting

Circulate the reports to members of the executive and make them available to interested members for their information.

CUPE Local 2974 strike appeal letter

Circulate to members of your executive. Consider making a financial contribution to support the CUPE Local 2974 Essex County Library strikers.

CUPE’s National Leadership Survey letter

Circulate to members of your executive. Encourage your elected CUPE local leaders to complete the survey by November 6, 2016.

Statement – CUPE National Officers Reaffirm Support for Locals Fighting Concession Demands and Two-Tier Schemes

Circulate to members of your executive and your bargaining committee.

Economy at Work – CUPE’s economic and bargaining newsletter

Circulate to members of your executive. Consider using the report as a bargaining reference tool to provide accessible information and analysis of economic developments.

Global Justice newsletter

Circulate the information to your Global Justice Committee and post the newsletter in the workplace.

HELP! Support CUPE Local 5105 members at St. Matthew’s House in Hamilton

The members of CUPE Local 5105 are facing an urgent situation and need your help. On August 12, Hamilton City Council voted to stop funding for child care for children with special needs from St. Matthew’s House. The loss of the funding – which funds the jobs of 40 CUPE members – will deal a devastating blow to the agency and will almost certainly lead to its closure. St. Matthew’s executive director has said himself that the loss of the funding will “bankrupt” the agency.


We are asking CUPE members in Hamilton-area social service agencies to call their councillors and ask them to restore funding from the city’s Special Needs Resourcing Services to St. Matthew’s Early Childhood Integration Support Services. You can use the sample text below to e-mail or call your councillor – please support your fellow CUPE members in Local 5105!





Sample script or e-mail for calling councillors; see the attached flyer to the contact details for your councillor:


Hi, (Councillor Name – office)


My name is ______________________ and I’m calling to voice my concerns about City Council’s decision to remove the funding for services for special-needs children from St. Mathews House.


I’m concerned that this loss of funding will lead to the closure of St. Matthew’s House.


St. Matthew’s House is a multi-service agency working in Hamilton’s poorest neighbourhoods. It provides not only programs for children with special needs, but also a summer camp program, emergency food program, transitional and sustainable housing for seniors and mental health and street outreach services.


Removing the funding for special-needs child care services will make all of the work St. Matthew’s does no longer financially viable. 60 % of St. Matthew’s staff will lose their jobs and residents who depend on St. Matthew’s will lose their support.


I don’t believe Hamilton city council meant to put St. Matthew’s existence at risk but that’s what will happen unless council reverses its decision and restores the funding for services for children with special needs. It is this “anchor” funding that allows St. Matthew’s to provide the other services that are so crucial to our most vulnerable residents.


I’m asking you to please reverse this decision. Thank you.

2016 Library Workers’ Conference

Thank you for showing interest in the material that we’ve gathered from the Library Workers’ Conference last March. Here’s the slides that were presented during the conference: Library Conference 2016 Presentation Final Slides

The studies that were conducted with regards to precarious work can be found in its entirety on the PEPSO website. PEPSO is the acronym for Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario research group which is a joint university-community initiative that is focused on how precarious employment compounds the issue of poverty. PEPSO’s research has also shown that insecure employment and low pay has effects on the individual’s well being and ability to establish meaningful personal relationships.

Again, thank you for your interest.